Logo and Imago Paper Proposal

Discourse Analysis (or is semiotics better) on Nike’s Cultural Branding Strategy Research Question How does Nike’s branding strategy surpass the ‘idea of the product’ and uses cultural branding to identify themselves instead? Background information Nike was one of the first companies that started branding themselves a little differently than the rest. Instead of selling their […]

Assignment 8

Perspectives on Social Media Participatory culture is a relatively new concept which has developed due to advancing and new technology. The term basically came about around the same time social media did, as the two closely interlink. The creation of culture and content is what participatory culture is all about. According to Fuchs, “participatory culture […]

Assignment 7

Viral Media Campaign In the last decade, new types of media and media production have rapidly emerged due to the increase in types of technology and how information is shared. Viral media is a new type of media and can take many different forms in terms of marketing from “word–of–mouth marketing efforts to remix videos […]

Assignment 2

Cultural Branding The notion of advertisement and branding have changed significantly in recent history. For a long time, advertising was seen as selling the product, and the product alone. Companies were not focused on the overall perception of the company but more so on the perception of the individual products that they were manufacturing. This […]

Assignment 6

Persuasion and Rhetoric in Advertisement Everyone uses persuasion now and then to get others to do what they want in a subtle manner. Whether it is lawyers, detectives or even mothers, persuasion has been a technique used by many for centuries. But what is persuasion exactly? Persuasion is officially defined as a “human communication designed […]

Assignment 5

1960’s TV Commercial Coca Cola keeps you thin! Summary of commercial In 1961, Coca Cola released a commercial featuring Connie Clausen. At the time, she was a relatively well known actress and writer, and is a clear promoter of Coke. She is seen looking at a mannequin wearing a dress while she states, “this was […]

Assignment 4 – Discourse Analysis II

Discourse Analysis II Discourse analysis II, though also focusing on visuals and texts like discourse analysis I, especially concentrates on the “practices” of specific institutions and “their production of particular human subjects” (Rose, p.164, 2001). The main characteristics of discourse analysis II therefore examine the “consequences” of these practices of classification and the meaning that […]

Assignment 3

Assignment 3: Discourse & Discourse Analysis We often do not think about why the social practices we have function the way they do,  often just assuming they have always worked in that manner. The idea of ‘discourse’ focusses on just that notion; “it is a particular knowledge about the world which shapes how the world […]

Assignment 1

Semiotics Signs are all around us. We often do not think about the abundance and meanings of these signs as they are such an integral part of our society and we rely on their presence. But why are we dependent on them and how did they become such a norm in our world? This study […]