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Reflection : 3D Modeling & The Covid Collection

It’s the day before Carnival break and I am very happy and proud of what we have learned and produced since the beginning of 2021. Everything did not went as I imagined but I finally managed to produce a 3D model of moderate quality for the “COVID19 Collection”.

When I receive the professional equipment from the university during the last week of January, I had never used a professional camera before. I only had some theoretical basis from our courses. It was already quiet challenging for me to set the camera and the lights of the lightbox correctly. However, I did it after several hours and finally managed to get my dataset.

After this I was convinced that in the following week I will be done with the processing on Agisoft Metashape. I was wrong, completely wrong… I tried to process my beautiful pictures but they refused to align. I tried many things; re-doing masks, adding some markers but still nothing. After few days of trying to fix problems, I finally realized that my object (computer mouse) was way too shiny and some of the photos were not focused correctly (difficult to see that at first glance when you had never used such a camera before). I then tried with two other objects but once it was too smooth, once it was too shiny. It was a real challenge for me to find a significant object that can be processed in 3D. I realized that we could not choose what we exactly wanted. They are some limitations to the software and it is a bit sad in the framework of our collection.

I finally and sadly found something; a beer opener. It is maybe more representative of my life during COVID19 then the mouse and more interesting to analyse in the light of the lockdowns. Indeed, alcohol consumption among young people (in Belgium) has increased significantly during the pandemic (Steenhoud, 2020).

Anyway, I found this object but I did not have the professional equipment in my possession anymore. Therefore, I had to re-create a data set with the camera of my Iphone. Surprisingly, this attempt was the more easy to do and I finally could process a correct 3D model (I said correct because there are two holes in the model I did not succeed to fill with the techniques proposed; closing holes in the mesh and adding some photos to dataset).

Lastly, I think it was particularly challenging for my fellow student and me to process these 3D models because we had our courses fully online. Even if our tutors were very virtually present and answered quickly to all our questions, I think that it would have been way easier to follow this course in real life with the adequate equipment. Even if my results are not perfect, I am happy and proud from what we have learned this period.

Here is my 3D model. (Screenshot from Agisoft Metashape)

My 3D model is accessible on Sketchfab by clicking on the following link:



Steenhoudt, F. (2020, May 15). En période de confinement, Les jeunes ont tendance a consommer plus d’alcool et de tabac. Daily Science Brussels. https://dailyscience.brussels/fr/vub-onderzoek-vooral-jongeren-drinken-   en-roken-meer-tijdens-lockdown/13/05/2020/.