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Phenomenological Anecdote: Rushing Online

It’s Tuesday, a day without any tutorials or lectures. The clock shows it’s a bit earlier than 10, perfect time to make my morning coffee. I am alone in the kitchen. The idea of having a complete free day and the silence in the house provide me deep peacefulness and serenity. Suddenly, my Iphone breaks this tranquillity. The WhatsApp notification that appears on my screen completely shakes my state of mind. . “It’s 10.05. I can read “Thomas where are you?”, than another message pops up “the tutors said that there is one student missing and I think it is you”. The mentor meeting for 10 to 4, I forgot it. Usually, there is no class on Tuesday. At this moment, the whole quality of the time stretches out. I run to my bedroom, open my laptop join the class through the Zoom link. It’s okay, I am only seven minutes late. However, I am not concentrated, I do not listen, I am not mentally prepare to do so. The transition between my day without tutorials and my apparition in the virtual classroom was so brutal. In a few seconds, I have to rush online whereas I was in serene moment of intimacy with myself. The zoom class is more intrusive than usual, I am not at the same place than usual for online meetings. I had no time to prepare anything. However, I do not have the choice anymore, I am connected now and nobody even noticed that I was late. I get used to this situation. The stressful felling of being forced to rush online for my academic obligations slowly disappear. I can now concentrate. Susan and Kostas split us in group of four to work until 4. 4! It is a long class, when I woke up this morning I thought that I had nothing for the day, the time stretches out even more. It’s okay, I’ll do the work as best as I can now that I am connected.