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Digital Collections I

Does the museum’s social media “new identity” promote a true democratic relationship between the museum and its users, or does it support the existing power relationship?

Introduction The museum has always been regarded as the official caretaker and preservation institution of expertise and knowledge. It is characterized by accuracy and objectivity, and conducts knowledge propaganda and education in the form of monologues to the public. Museum experts with specialized knowledge consider themselves producers of knowledge and proper protectors of heritage (Fouseki …

Design Thinking and Maker Culture, Uncategorized

Burning Man: How New Media Technicians Build and Maintain Professional Reputation by Participating in the Maker Movement

Introduction New media technology is a fast-changing industry with many competitors. Frequent job-hopping is a constant phenomenon in the technical department. One way for new media technicians to improve their own industry competitiveness may be to build and maintain their professional reputation so that other peers and companies can notice them (Turner, 2009, p.76). Reputation …

Machines of Knowledge

Public Sphere and the women right protest in Poland

In this group topic we discussed a case of Polish women protesting against the government’s anti-abortion law. According to Habermas’s definition of a Public Sphere, public sphere is a public communication with reading as an intermediary and communication as the core, and that speech is rational and speaks for public interests rather than private interests. …

Transformation in Digital Cultures

Reflections on Period I

Robots & CultureRecalling the entire study of the course of Transformation in Digital Culture, our topics include discussions on the infiltration of digital media technology into all aspects of our lives, from digital socialization, digital economy, digital healthcare to digital ethnography and technomoral change. Among them, there was a discussion about robots and our culture. …

Transformation in Digital Cultures

What is the soft impact of Chinese Internet hospitals on patient data?

Introduction China issued relevant policies in 2018 to support and encourage the development of Internet healthcare. Coupled with the catalysis of Covid-19 this year, the state issued a policy in February that clearly stated that eligible Internet hospital expenses should be included in the scope of medical insurance payment (Shecongtong, 2020). For a while, Internet …