Hello, there! I’m Serena. I am now studying digital culture at Maastricht University. Before this, I worked in China and have done many online and offline activities.

After working for some years before returning to school, I have to say that I was full of expectations. No matter what setbacks or challenges I will encounter, I want to spend this rare year without regrets. However, distance online learning has halved my enthusiasm. There is no school atmosphere, no chance to make new friends, and no excitement of going to another country. At the same time, there are many problems caused by online learning, such as the quality of the network during class, language barrier, and difficulty in communicating learning content with teachers and classmates.

However, slowly breaking through these makes me feel like fighting monsters in a game, constantly improving my own buff. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that our professional classmates are more enthusiastic than I expected, both for studying and for other students.

In short, I am looking forward for ‘tomorrow’ for study and life.

Whether it is the virtual or the real world, I am full of curiosity. Looking forward to exploring with you!