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Reflection: 3D Modelling

After 9 sleepless days and more than 30 productions, I finally made a model that I think is suitable to submit. Before shooting, I purchased a light box and a mobile phone holder for shooting. I thought I was very meticulous and planned to complete this task in a weekend. Nothing could be farther than the truth.

I first tried to photograph my phone. I photographed both sides of the phone and the front and back of the phone will be recognized as two objects. If I place it on the table and shoot one side, I cannot avoid reflections. This conclusion was reached after many failed attempts, and I was exhausted. But in hindsight, if I thought about the reflection problem from the first model at the beginning, maybe I didn’t need to waste so much time and energy.

The failed 3D model of mobile phone

My second object, hand cream has similar problems: 1. It will reflect light when shooting in the light box, and I don’t have a tool to rotate it. 2. When shooting at home, the light source in the room is always difficult to be uniform, it is difficult to avoid reflections from happening again. At the suggestion of my mother, I went to the rooftop of my building to shoot. The advantage of the rooftop is that the light source is uniform (cloudy), but the fatal disadvantage of the rooftop is the wind. This led to multiple failures in shooting the red box of hand creams that I originally used (the lid of the hand cream will always close suddenly or even move). In order to prevent the influence of wind, I used quilts to cover, and tried to shoot downstairs. However, it failed in the end, especially after the first day was cloudy, it was sunny and windy every day. In the meantime, since I am using my mother’s old computer, the 4-step process of making a model set by medium takes about 10 hours. Therefore, I couldn’t try any more before the deadline. Finally, I tried to use a board to place the hand cream tubes on for shooting, and borrowed a friend’s computer to complete the final version.

My shooting location (rooftop)

Throughout this shooting period, I really learned about the shooting requirements for making 3D models. I think it is necessary to plan out the process clearly before doing it. Although I think I also learned from the making process.

Please click and see my final model:

My 3D model on sketchfab

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