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When I started making my blog, the first thing I thought about was the content of this blog. Because I feel that content can help me determine the overall style of my blog.

So when I decided that the theme of the blog was “Curiosity World”, the appearance of my blog should be in white or black, with a very clean layout. So I think my landing page should be a simple big picture that fits the theme with a menu bar. Of course, in order to facilitate visitors to find the content they need, I set up a search bar, recent posts, calendar and shared media links and other widgets.

I encountered some problems while designing my blog. For example, when I named the homepage “Home”, I couldn’t delete the word “Home” on the landing page. This seemingly inconspicuous question wasted me a long time, and therefore hinders my choice on some themes, because I once thought it was the result of theme selection. Later, I solved this problem with the help of my classmate, and I would like to thank my classmate Guagua who enthusiastically helped me. So the theme I later used was not the one I chose at the beginning, but the common point is that they are all relatively concise templates. I also hesitate on this point. On the one hand, I hope that my blog can present more content, because I want to present not only my academic life in digital media this year, but also some offline and online event designs completed by my previous work. So I hope these two aspects can be presented in the form of comparison in the design of the blog. On the other hand, I am worried that my page is too messy, so I am still considering how to balance these two things later. Another stuff is my homepage picture. I actually don’t really want an overly romantic picture. I want it to  have a more simple design, but the kid’s picture seems to fit my theme very well, doesn’t it?

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