Photo credit Marius Masalar. (This is part 2 of the 3 part blog post series on Critical Making that myself and my group created. Click here to see part 1. Click here to see part 3.) The term Critical Making is an exciting yet elusive one to pin down. SinceContinue Reading

Well, it’s almost that time again! The period is nearing its end and soon we will be handing in our final assignments for 2020! Though it has been tough to keep motivated and focused in this final stretch of this long, long year, especially with the added difficulties and stressorsContinue Reading

Photo credit: Gabriel Matula For the final paper of the course ‘Transformations in Digital Cultures’ I conducted an online ethnographic study on the practices of a content creator on OnlyFans. Though just an exercise and small in scale, this study reveals several interesting insights about the nature of work onContinue Reading

Photo credit: Jill Heyer During the course of this last eight weeks in the MA program we have covered a diverse and interesting array of topics. From the hopes, dreams, practicalities and problems surrounding Blockchain technologies, to the possibilities and concerns expressed regarding the use of Augmented Reality in aContinue Reading