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Design Thinking and Maker Culture

The History of Multimodality:How people communicate and gain knowledge

“Multimodality is a theory which looks at the many different modes that people use to communicate with each other and to express themselves.”——Kress.G. Introduction Following the podcast : Multimodality, knowledge to go! Laila, Leah, Nina , and I recorded, I want to elaborate on one of our key topics, history of Multimodality. If you are …

Digital Collections I

Minneapolis Institute of Art:A “new” museum

Digital Collections have a still developing role in the memory ecosystem as the space between traditional physical collections and our ‘lived’ memory (Haskins, 2007, p. 401). However, we have to admit that digital archives and collections are, then, like their traditional counterparts, media for producing knowledge. With this premise, there are lots of confusion. For …

Design Thinking and Maker Culture

Multimodality, Knowledge to go: The History of Multimodality

‘Multimodality’ is a term that is now widely used in the academic world,which was first coined in the mid-1990s. It is used, for instance, by Charles Goodwin, in a seminal article that he submitted to the Journal of Pragmatics in 1998 (Goodwin, 2000)Since then, a myriad of conferences, monographs, edited volumes and other academic discussion …

Real Virtualities

Reflections on Machines of Knowledge & Design Thinking and Maker Culture

I am very happy that I can study Machines of Knowledge & Design Thinking and Maker Culturein the second semester, because they gave me a new way to learn and think. AS for Machines of Knowledge, it is very difficult for me to choose the most interesting topic , because I like each part of …

Transformation in digital cultures

The Quantified Self: Analyzing the Sleep Quality Monitoring Application Snail Sleep

Introduction With the unceasing development on the digital technology, a variety of tasks can be conducted that are unprecedented in before. Such evolution allows people not only to be more capable in their daily life and work, but more importantly render them to have a better knowledge of their own self. To that term, health-tracking …

Transformation in digital cultures

Transformation in Digital Cultures

This course focuses on digitalization and its transformations for society and culture. Digitalization, the process of integrating digital technologies into all areas of our lives, has produced new interfaces between society, culture and doing social research. We will discuss how the architecture of the web controls but also enables user practices. User and (online) communities …

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