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During the COVID-19 time, what impressed me the most was the rumors that Chinese medicine can resist the virus. This has a great impact on me, because my family is also one of the thousands of people who stock drugs in China. Until now, I don’t know whether the news that Chinese medicine can resist the virus is true, but this is still the thing I remember most during the period, so I modeled it in 3D.


As you can see, the model can show the original appearance of the object as a whole. But there are many things that are not going well in the process.

For example, the biggest problem is that the edges are not neat enough. I think the reason is I have only 40 pictures, which is not enough . There are many details that have not been identified. Another thing which not work well is that the small characters on the object are not clear enough. One reason is that it happens to be in a dark place and the light is not good. Another reason is that my phone does not have enough pixels.

I tried at least six times in the process of completing this model. At first, I tried to rotate the object, but because of the light and angle, I failed. In the end, I found that camera rotation is the best way, so I finally succeeded.

Of course, the process of 3D modeling is very interesting, and every failure will let you know what caused the model to not be built. And this process is like opening a blind box, never knowing what is in the box. Every model that appears will surprise me, whether it is a success or a failure. If it fails, I will adjust my mentality and find the cause of the problem and start again.
I think 3D modeling technology is very practical and I like it very much. More and more websites, new media platforms and even museums are beginning to use this technology. I believe that 3D will become an indispensable technology in life in the near future.
In short, this lesson is very interesting, I hope I can do better!

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