Real Virtualities, Transformation in digital cultures


In the past 8 weeks, I am very happy to take two courses in the first semester of this school year, which are Transformations in Digital Cultures and Real Virtualities. I find many topics in these courses are interesting, but if I have to choose one for each topic, then I will describe my two favorite topics next.
In the course of Transformations in Digital Cultures, I like the topic of AI and algorithm bias the most. AI is no longer a mysterious and unknown field, it has entered our lives and is everywhere. For example, Siri on mobile phones, smart home appliances and some companion robots. But are these AIs completely neutral? They are algorithmic deviations. Some of these algorithm deviations are intentional, and some have to be done. I like artificial intelligence very much and I use it a lot in my life. After learning this course, I began to analyze it more calmly and better examine my attitude towards artificial intelligence. Of course, some moral issues are still worthy of our pondering.
For Real Virtualities, I really like Benjamin’s theory of aura. Benjamin once read that Halo had an artistic and philosophical description: it is an effect that can be felt regardless of distance. I find that the concept of aura can be used in many aspects of life, especially now that more and more new media software is used by people, aura may be gradually reduced, but in this information flow era, we are more eager for aura Was reshaped.
I hope that during my education at Maastricht University, I can apply many of the theories learned in class in real life. Even though these theories are difficult to understand in the academic field, after discussing with my classmates, I always get some real examples in life and have a good understanding. Overall, I totally like these two courses, and I hope that the rest of the year will be as interesting and educational as so far.

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