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Anecdote about my experience in UM

When I am on the online tutorial class, my cat keeps appearing in the camera. He passes by behind me, then stops at my feet and starts licking his own fur. I think, fortunately, he does not appear in my camera, otherwise the situation will become very awkward. As I continue to concentrate in class, the cat suddenly begins to lick my leg. So I tell my friend , “Please keep the cat outside the room, I am in class.” But when my friend wants to take the cat away, the cat suddenly jumps in front of the camera and blocks the entire camera. He turns his face to the camera, gives a meow and runs away. Fortunately, at this time the teacher just says that the class is over. When I look at the cat, he looks at me innocently. So I couldn’t bear to blame him. I can only think about keeping the cat out of the room next time in class. But it seems that I also close the room door today, so how does he get in?

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