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Reflection- Use Metashape to create a Jigsaw Puzzle 3D Model

The jigsaw puzzle (left) and its 3D model (right)

My object is a jigsaw puzzle, which composed of 1000 small pieces. In the process of making a 3D puzzle model on Metashape, I have faced many challenges and try to solve them.

The most difficult thing to create a 3D puzzle model is to take pictures of good quality. The puzzle pieces are separate and can not be moved together, so for the first time, I put the puzzle in a box and take pictures of them on the table. When putting the pictures in Metashape to align them and build a dense cloud, there are several big holes on the puzzle box, because it is difficult to take the adjacent sides of the box’s right angels clearly, some parts of the box picture are missing so the software can not build a complete model. Then I throw away the box and only put a pile of puzzles on the table and took pictures of the puzzle as well as a part of the table. 

Photo hemisphere

The jigsaw puzzle has so many details and reflective texture, I took pictures from four angles from bottom to top and totally took 64 pictures which build a hemisphere around the puzzle. In order to shoot clear images, I focus the camera on the puzzle overlap part. To avoid the reflection and guarantee enough light, I turn on the light above the puzzle and control the light by opening and closing the curtain.

3D jigsaw puzzle model on Metashape

In the process of building the 3D model in Metashape, things get easier. All of my pictures are aligned successfully. Due to the 3D model contains both puzzle and the table, I do not create a mask on them. I deleted some useless points after alignment and build the dense cloud. I choose the medium quality because of my computer limitation. After building the dense cloud, I delete the points outside the object by rotating the model. However, the 3D puzzle model does not have a bottom because it is put on a table without shooting one. To deal with this, I use a 100% close hole tool to create a bottom for the model. Then I build the texture. The 3D model looks not bad.

The 3D model is uploaded on Sketchfab. This video shows the finished Jigsaw puzzle 3D model published on Sketchfab:

Finished 3D model on Sketchfab

Click HERE to the 3D model in Sketchfab.

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