The idea of blog design

I just want my blog being simple, clear and easy to explore, of course, has a sense of beauty.

First of all, let us focus on the main color of my blog– light blue, and the main picture on the home page– waves, which I took this when I traveled to the seaside. They look harmonious and can make viewers calm down.

the home page👍

The main body of my blog is divided into two parts, the left are some widgets: search bar, courses, archives, and tags, and the right are some recent posts. Of course, you can share the content to your social media using the plugin buttons.

In implement stage, I would also add some photos linked to other pages and also add some videos if need. Then I will post new posts both about my study and life.

Some small tips:

  • There is a translator in the lower left corner of the page
  • You can turn on the night mode in the lower right corner

Hope you like it! 🙂

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