Banana Bread – A 3D Model

Banana Bread 3D Model

For the course „Creating Digital Collections II”, each student was supposed to create a 3D model of an object of choice. Because the 3D collection is part of a larger project called “The Covid Collection”, each object should have some form of relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why I decided to create a 3D version of banana bread.

The first step is the capturing. After one hour of capturing, I thought I had the perfect dataset and I rewarded myself with a piece of banana bread. However, two days later, I realized that I could not use this dataset: There was too much digital noise in the photo. So, I had not only to do the capturing again but I also had to bake another banana bread because in the meantime there wasn’t much left anymore. At this point, I regretted the choice of my object. I wished I had chosen an object that is just “there” and that I can simply get out of the drawer.

The second dataset gave me around 300 pictures of which I sorted out approximately 50 %.

Then, the “real” 3D process started. On the first try, my model did not have a bottom site. I went through the process anyway, hoping I could fix the issue with a setting called “close holes”. Turns out, this did not work.

Banana Bread without bottom site

So, I redid the process. However, this time I included all photos available for the bottom side, using photos I had discarded before. This time the alignment was perfect. Also, the following steps including creating a dense cloud, creating a mesh, and creating texture went without major issues. However, there is one part of my object that is rather blurry, the texture is not as fine-grained as the other parts of the object. This probably is because the photos at this point hadn’t enough overlap and/or are quite blurry. I tried to fix this in Sketchfab but this specific part did not get better.

Nevertheless, in the end, I am happy about the result. It was exciting to go through the process step by step and to see how the model evolves. And I learned: Check the quality of the pictures and make sure you do not need the object before you eat it!  Check out my complete 3D model here!

Banana Bread 3D Model

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