Day: October 1, 2020

There are already 10 tiny Zoom squares. 9 of them are black, no one is showing their face. Except for the tutor. He is asking a question, but no one is answering. As if he is talking to a wall. I also do not answer, it feels strange to answer. People start to turn on their webcams – so do I. I have a strange feeling of body and space. It doesn’t feel like I’m really there in this conversation and therefore don’t feel a need to participate.
Phone and Instagram
2.7 billion monthly active Facebook users (Clement, 2020a), 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide (O'Dea, 2020), and 1.5 billion monthly WhatsApp users (Clement, 2020b). The numbers indicate that digital technologies play an important role in the everyday lives of people around the globe. The authors Tim Jordan and Noortje Marres engage in an academic debate on (some of) these digital social technologies, on digitalization, and on the question of how they have an impact on our lives, economy, and politics.