Insights into the MA Media Studies – Digital Cultures

This blog is dedicated to topics regarding Digital Media Studies

Our digital shaped world is in constant and rapid change.
In the MA Media Studies - Digital Cultures we investigate these changes and learn how they affect society, industry,
and the life we knew before. 
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How Curators Can Enhance the Materiality of Digital Collections

Especially in times of COVID-19, the benefits of digitized collections of museums, archives, and libraries are undeniable. Instead of visits on-site, people can find new institutions around the globe, browse through collections, and explore things online while adhering to the lockdown restrictions. However, institutions already started digitizing their artifacts before the pandemic. The reasons for […]

Why You Should Take a User-Centred Design Approach | Advantages of UCD

Welcome to the next blog post accompanying our podcast episode about the interesting and instructive concept of User-Centered Design (UCD)! So far, we know what UCD is and what methods can be used in a UCD approach. Moreover, you are introduced to two very interesting case studies: Qinwen is telling about her thrilling experience with […]