Reflection on creating 3D models

My group has decided to take photographs together and assign objects later. Both of my objects did not yield the greatest results in the first try. As our group did not have enough pictures, we visited the museum again to retake some photos.

The Plate

At first, my model of a plate did not properly align the front and the back. I tried fixing the issues by adding markers to guide the software, however, there were not enough points in common, as the plate is quite flat. By creating two chunks with “old” and “new” pictures, which overlapped well, aligning them separately and later combining, the program recognised the texture of the back. Unfortunately, the plate was placed in floral foam and no photos of its back in a flipped position aligned. This created a small hole and some confusion in textures in one part in the back. 

The "Red thing"

The other object was more challenging. Because of its odd shape, lack of distinct texture and some reflectiveness, inconsistencies appeared. Alhough some photographs did not align, the rest created a dome above the constructed model. Yet, the object was not reconstructed properly and adding markers did not help despite multiple tries. Its general shape reconstructs the object, however, there are some holes and issues with the texture, which could possibly be fixed with a bigger picture set. I cleaned the edges as much as I could without creating new holes, but I was not able to further fix the model because of my laptop.
Overall, as this was my first attempt at photogrammetry, I think it went alright. I am proud of myself for being able to almost fully fix the plate. Photographing is the basic step of the process and if it is not successful there is not enough information for the software to render a reliable model. With practice, I grasped the idea behind taking pictures better. If I were to revisit the museum and take new photographs of objects for 3D models, I would now know how to do it to avoid issues at the processing stage – for example, by adding more reference points.

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