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For more than two weeks I have been researching WordPress: finding out what is what, which plug ins are worth installing, themes that allow the most freedom… As my frustration with inflexibility of “lite themes” grew, I realised if I wanted my blog to function and look anything like I would like it to, I had to take everything into my own hands.

Additionally, Elementor offers a seleciton of widgets to buid pages and make them more interactive. As for now, I am still playing around with all of the functionalities. In the future, I would like to add some more useful features to the blog.

Elementor is a  plugin used to build pages, which allows for a simple drag-and-drop modifications. Compared to WordPress tools, it is more intuitive, which speeds up the creation of a responsive website. There is also many tutorials available online, however, they often use the pro version of Elementor, making it tricky to implement features as imagined.

As I have been having issues with all of the mentioned, I look forward to ask some questions in person during today’s meeting. Even though I did find many tutorials, the version of Elementor used was slightly different from mine. Hopefully, I will be able to implement the desired design!

The page is supposed to be as clear as possible., hence, the white background. Following trends in web design, the page has an “infinite scroll” allowing the user to discover new features. To avoid messiness, menu in the header allows to navigate easily through the site. I did not want to include a separate “contact” tab, but decided to add a form at the end of every page to encourage the user to scroll through the content. From an aesthetic view, yellow highlights brighten the site and partially separate sections to achieve a nice look and a clean user interface.

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