Welcome to my blog. My name is Camila Melícia Valgas, I am a Brazilian filmmaker and journalist currently studying the master’s program Media Studies: Digital Cultures at Maastricht University. This blog is a collection of my academic work during my master’s programme and the content includes posts/articles about the media environment, new technologies and the changes we face in the today’s digitally-mediated world.



The master's programme in Media Studies: Digital Cultures combines theory and reflection with praxis and making. It provides a wide skill set in digital tools and research methods to become both a media researcher and an active player in a wide range of industries and cultural and heritage organisations in today’s digitally-mediated world.


I have worked designing digital projects for big audiences in Brazil on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I developed networking with digital creators, press, and brands and conducted a survey with hundreds of content creators to collect data about behavior, market, and audience.