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3D Models: What Is There To Gain? Interactivity, Accessibility and Authenticity

More and more museums are looking for ways to digitize their museum collection. An increasingly popular way of digitizing, is the implementation of digital 3D models (Younan and Treadaway, 2017, p. 240). Often, the 3D models are used as an addition to the regular collection. The models are not a replacement of museum objects, they support the museum objects (p. 240). There are too many differences between 3D models and museum artifacts for the 3D models to actually replace the museum artifacts. Newell (2012) states that digital artifacts can be seen as “tools for understanding the past” (p. 291), while the original artifact in a museum is “a part of the past” (p. 291). In this way, the two do not have as a goal to exterminate each other, but to complement each other. The question is, what is there to complement for the 3D models. Or, in other words, what are the affordances of a digital collection of 3D models?

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Paper: Rethinking Aura in the Photos Printed from a Technostalgian Polaroid Printer

Abstract: In today’s media landscape, we are witnessing an increased interest in media technologies from the past. This ‘technostalgia’ is for instance visible in the trend of polaroid cameras and in the re-use of the instant printing technique in polaroid printers. This paper focuses on the aura of photos printed from a polaroid printer and dives deeper into the question what it is like to use a polaroid printer for creating polaroid photos. The research methodology that is used is phenomenology.

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