Choosing a blog theme was not easy. There are many things that should be taken into account. After trying around twenty, maybe thirty themes, I decided to settle on the theme ‘Hemingway’. In this post, I will shortly explain why I think this theme fits my blog best. Besides that, I will also point out the choices for some other features of my blog design.

One of the reasons I chose Hemingway, is because it is very basic and that is something I personally like. The navigation is clear, the visuals are not too distracting, but there is still some room for creativity, for example in the header of the theme. Also, the basic theme gives room for more multimodality in the blog posts, which is something I am planning to focus on as well.

Also, the possibility for a sidebar was important to me, because I wanted the widgets to be directly visible to my visitors. For now, I have selected three widgets: the search button, the tag cloud and the archive. The search button and the archive are very general. The tag cloud is a little more specific, but I find this widget very useful. It enables the visitor of the website to directly navigate to topics he or she finds interesting.

Another important feature of Hemingway, is that I can edit posts and pages with the plug-in Elementor. That was especially important for the Courses page, in which I added visuals of the different courses as navigation.