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Team Reflection

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Approaching the end of this challenge, it is time for us to reflect on the past few weeks. We thoroughly enjoyed working together as our skill sets overlapped in a valuable way. We did encounter a few obstacles along the way which provided us with opportunities to grow and to be confronted with our shortcomings. Starting off, our first obstacle was trying to find a common ground for our blog posts. Rather than choosing the umbrella approach, we decided to use a chain reaction system, where the conclusion of one post would naturally lead into the next post. 

This allowed us to divide the work in such a way that we could work independently between our meetings. We kept in touch using a google document to make sure we were on the same page. 

We had to juggle various styles of working but we managed to meet up in person to talk about these struggles. We benefited from open communication and a non judgemental environment. Looking forward, we feel much more prepared to tackle new team challenges as this task gave us valuable hands-on experience. With regards to career prospects we believe that IT skills can be a great asset so we are grateful for the opportunity that this task provided us in showcasing our creativity and technological fluency. Furthermore, the teamwork skills required to coordinate on the task are also invaluable with an eye on the job market. 

With regards to the group dynamics we spread out the work in a fair way considering people’s different strengths. Emma took on a coordinating role and was a good motivator behind the team. Boris’s native advantage provided an opportunity to present ideas in more professional ways. Leires was very tech savvy and she could remedy tech related issues. We benefited from Luisa’s “big picture” who helped create an overview of our direction. Isabel was able to showcase her affinity for design and aesthetics by making our blog posts look more visually compelling. 

Due to the Covid pandemic, we had an extra challenge in organising face to face meetings as a couple of our team members were ill. Thankfully, we persevered and managed to meet up in person three times. More importantly we benefited from the teamwork that the larger group provided. Without the peer feedback in the form of comments that we received, we would not have had the same broad perspective. We benefited from the exchange of ideas as many of us adapted our blog posts after receiving insightful comments. 

For future group assignments we learned to take the different personalities into account for planning. We realised how important appropriate time management and open communication is. We look forward to the future challenges in the bachelor and hope we get to do more teamwork activities.

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