Discourse Analysis II

  Gillian Rose (2001) has derived two methodological approaches from Michel Foucault’s work. In the previous blog post I analyzed the first method, entitled “Discourse Analysis I”, which focuses on visual imagery and texts. This post will discuss the second approach, namely what Rose calls “Discourse Analysis II” and which mostly pays attention to institutions […]

Discourse Analysis I

  Gillian Rose (2001) defines discourse as something that “refers to groups of statements which structure the way a thing is thought, and the way we act on the basis of that thinking” (p.135). She claims that discourse is knowledge about the world that shapes how we understand and and act in this world. Discourse […]

Cultural Branding

Vans is a Californian shoe company, established in 1966. In 2004 the enterprise was purchased by the VF Corporation for $396 million US dollars. Their website claims that the “VF Corporation is a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel with more than 30 brands,” and brands like Timberland, North Face, Eastpak, Wrangler and Lee can […]


Semiotics is a study of signs and the meanings assigned to these signs. It aims to reveal the hidden codes, which guide our human behaviour and entail differences between people coming from different cultures or social backgrounds. Semioticians believe that social and cultural phenomena and the objects or events that surround us have a deeper […]