Critical Perspectives on Social Media

When it comes to participation culture Henry Jenkins has created a very positive interpretation. He states that it is a “culture in which fans and other consumers are invited to actively participate in the creation and circulation of new content” (Fuchs, 2014, p.54). Within his works the focus lies on societal positivity and co-creation, ignoring … [Read more…]

Viral and Spreadable Media

  The given video went viral in 2013, it is an extraordinary video that is said to be preformed live and was indeed real. It was created by the car and truck manufacturer Volvo in older to demonstrate the precision and stability of their dynamic steering. The video posted by Volvo Trucks was uploaded on … [Read more…]

Persuasion and Rhetoric

When it comes to advertisements an element that is shared by all of them is that they attempt to persuade the consumer to buy their product, as this is essentially the main function of advertisements. Persuasion can be classified as “communication designed to influence the autonomous judgments and actions of others” (Simons, 2001, p.20).  As … [Read more…]

Commercials of the 1950s

Over time Television Commercials have altered drastically. The advertisements seen on TV today can not be compared to those of the 1950s and 60s. During this time period, advertisements were often much longer and often contained jingles. D. Machin in his chapter: Representation of social actors in the image explains a semiotic approach to visual … [Read more…]

Discourse Analysis II

Discourse analysis I and II have similar characteristics, both share the concern of power and knowledge as it is created through discourse. However, the fundamental difference between them is that discourse analysis II (DA2) is less interested in images themselves. Rather it focuses on the articulation of discourse through institutional apparatuses and institutional technologies (Rose, … [Read more…]

Discourse Analysis I

Starbucks can be considered the most known barista company in the world. Their cafés can be found in almost every city which is not considered a small town. In America they can even be found at every second highway exit. Charlene Elliott has examined Starbucks and explored coffee as a form of trans-border communication through … [Read more…]

Cultural Branding…

Cultural branding is “the set of axims and strategic principles that guide the building of brands into cultural icons” (Holt, 2004, p.11). In todays society brands are an essential component of society. They can be found almost anywhere, whether it is a sporting event or a music video. Brands used to sell their product but … [Read more…]


Semiotics has been around for more than two thousand years (Branston, 2003), it is classified as the science that deals with sign. Over time there have been different interpretations of its function. Two of the main creators of the semiotic methods used today were Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles S. Peirce (Berger, 2010). A further … [Read more…]