My name is Carolina and I’m an Arts&Culture student. I’m doing Media Culture specialisation as I am particularly interested in how media shape our society and what role brands, new media and different stakeholder plays role in it.

The picture above is a picture of probably the most famous can soup in the world, Cambell’s created by Andy Warhol. Why do I include this famous, yet still odd piece of art? Well, this glorification of a simple can soup from 1962 illustrate Warhol’s prediction of our consumption society. Brands and products play an important role as we pay an impressive amount of attention of what we wear, what we eat, drink and drive. Since 1950s, advertisers are successfully using society’s material needs and fulfill them before we even realise we want it.

In this blog, I invite you to discover different perception of the role of brands and logos in our society, starting from mentioned above 1950s and finishing by social media’s virality and critical perspective on it.

Hope you will enjoy!